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Welcome to CitiCare International

Today, some 56% of the world’s population – 4.4 billion inhabitants – live in cities. The World Bank estimates this trend is expected to continue, with the urban population more than doubling its current size by 2050, at which point nearly 7 of 10 people will live in cities.   With more than 80% of global GDP generated in cities, urbanized populations are productive. However, the speed and scale of global urbanization brings challenges, particularly for the nearly 1 billion marginalised population seeking to benefit from new opportunities. Rising conflicts contribute to pressure on cities. More than 50% of forcibly displaced people live in urban areas. Populations need to learn how to meet, talk and create new shared social spaces. Who best to help us than the creatives in the midst?

We care about our city.  London, with an estimated population of 10,803,000 from many parts of the globe, is a world mega city – home for hundreds of diasporas.  CitiCare International cares. We care about the welfare of all. We care about inclusion and we foster tools of integration. We care about the potential inherent in the sharing of diverse experiences. Urban environments may be challenging but they can also be enriching. By working together, Citicare wants to find the tools to nurture and harness the talents and creativity residing in our midst.

Our first step was to launch an innovative, multi-cultural, Performing Arts Centre with a Difference, in Stepney, one of the most deprived areas of this great city. Since the sale of the property for residential use, we were offered space in West London, whilst also maintaining private office space in East London and maintaining networks across the city.

The Noor Jehan Centre (NJArts) was opened in 1998 by megastar Sir Cliff Richard OBE.  A dedicated space for artists, we believed that positive changes to these influencers could  transform our communities bringing us Together Through The Arts.

All subsequent activities have arisen from this network of influencers and grassroots volunteers. Citicare has been involved in music education, artist development, educational support for marginalised youth, and disaster relief. The arts centre is currently nurturing the development of a world first new music genre! Enjoy your visit and if you are in London, support our activities, join our events.