The Group – Who we are

We are people with diverse skills and cultural backgrounds, determined to change the world for the better.

We invest in developing relationships of trust across cultural boundaries. Our team includes individuals from British, American, Pakistani and Korean backgrounds. The dynamism this generates can transform the futures of others.

As a team of experts in skills ranging from creative writing to history, ethnomusicology or engineering, we can connect with people and communities at many different levels. Many efforts to change our world have fallen on the rocks of poor communication, mistrust or lack of grassroots understanding. Long term preparation and the development of cross cultural awareness minimises failure. It is activities that grow out of foundations of trust and friendship that can change futures for ever.

Residing in London, the world’s most ethnically diverse city, those of us in CitiCare can connect you, the giver to carefully vetted projects that have lasting impact on beneficiaries.

Some activities we initiate ourselves, others are the fruit of our partnerships with like-minded people. Everything involves consultation and grows from the 'bottom up' and 'top down' at the same time.