The Activities – What We Do

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Our activities are as diverse as the people we know. We passionately believe in actions,that, no matter how small, can change futures. Sometimes it is means planting only a mustard seed, but careful selection of the soil and strategic nurturing can produce a fruitful tree.

In 1998 we founded an arts centre in East London for the purpose of drawing marginalised artists together, introducing them to successful west end stars. Many of our current activitieshave grown out of the networks that developed since then. Through their involvement in the centre, artists gained skills and also became aware of the role played by Events in building platforms to express transforming ideas and impact generations and societies. These growing relationship have led us to do numerous and diverse things, large and small in scale – all with lasting impact:

NJ Arts -London promotes social cohesion in London through the performing arts: gifted and talented concerts,  workshops, celebrations of diversity through creativity in music and dance. Our Events lead many individuals to merge together to produce one beautiful sound. Our inspired producers build platforms where truth, hope and beauty challenge this generation….changing societies and futures.

Cross-cultural events: peace conferences, celebrations, seminars, workshops, conferences – transforming thinking through communications, relationships and togetherness.

Disaster Relief in hard places, especially to victims of quakes and floods in Pakistan – especially those left out of aid programmes because of marginalisation or inaccessibility. NEWS: Appeal launched 31 March 2020 to help hungry victims of the coronavirus lockdown in Pakistan 

Unique educational material designed to overcome cultural gaps in understanding, introducing readers to wider frames of reference, increasing the capacity for peaceful co-existence.

Medical help of diverse nature, individual grants, a healthcare centre in Sindh, seminars to equip healthworkers

Educational grants to develop leadership capacity in women

Support for the education of young children in Pakistan identifying needy kids known to our networks.

Support artists and their families in London, introducing them to resources, expert help, friendship for those who have fallen on hard times or are significantly marginalised from existing resources.