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Coronavirus Pakistan Relief Appeal

Our trusted individuals allow us to connect resources to distributors at short notice with integrity.

People on the ground tell us exactly what is needed. When the quake hit Pakistan in 2005 we could source local supplies of blankets, food and gas ovens for neglected displaced families scattered along the roadside.

We supplied The Sarah Foundation Pakistan with food, clothes and medical care for flood victims in Sindh in 2010 and recruited health care workers from Australia to join therm.

2013 we raised funds so that we could equip The Sarah Foundation Pakistan to send Rapid Response teams to help Peshawar bomb victims, providing medical and physical relief for families traumatised by terrorism.

We visited the wounded, grieved with survivors comforted families traumatised by terrorism and gave them a Voice on the media.

CitiCare International Ltd UK 31 March 2020


Pakistan’s Coronavirus Crisis

Photo: People reach out to get a charity food handout during a lockdown in Karachi, Pakistan on March 30, 2020. — Photo by Reuter

You might not have thought so but the global COVID19 pandemic is not just making thousands dangerously ill… tragically in Pakistan it’s leading to hunger, suicide, mental illness, domestic violence, even outright riots between police and starving public.

Vocalist Saira Peter and her husband and pianist Stephen Smith recently returned from Pakistan. They had just completed a fundraising concert for cancer treatment donations – but in the final days were shocked to see how the coronavirus lockdown was already devastating lives even before the disease had spread far in the nation of 200 million.

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“We were literally the last passengers on the last flight out of Pakistan before the government international travel ban started. Like every country, they had to act quickly to contain the spread of covid19, so they declared a military-enforced curfew, allowing people out just a few hours a day for food shopping and other essential tasks. But this is a massive problem for millions of poor daily wage earners – street sweepers, market vendors, skilled laborers, donkey and camel cart drivers – the situation is so dire, they can’t earn money to buy food!

Photo: A labourer beaten for buying food during curfew

We’ve had reports of people attempting suicide – they’ve been unable to feed their families for days now, drastically affecting their sense of honour and self-worth. Some desperate workers risk going out in search of hire, but consequences are severe. One lady sought out an aid organisation’s distribution but was beaten back by sticks. With tears running down her face she shouted, ‘Where can people like me go? I don’t want anything except to feed my children and I’m not strong to push through to the van.’ We also know of people refused aid because of their minority faith or position in society.

Although the government is offering its citizens around £15 /month in aid, it is just a fraction of what people need to survive. Working from home is just not an option for most, leaving them no way to pay bills or buy food. And with both Easter and Ramadan approaching, instead of a bright celebration many of Pakistan’s poorest Christians and Muslims face a frightening struggle to survive. It’s a heartbreaking situation!


We’re grateful that our UK charity Citicare International Ltd is once again teaming up with sister organisation The Sarah Foundation Pakistan to get relief to some of the nation’s most vulnerable. They’ve done an incredible job in the past helping Pakistani victims of earthquakes, floods and terrorism. Now they’re busy finding the pockets of greatest need across five different cities. Yesterday nearly 1,000 people registered with us for help within just a few hours. As in the past, our teams take time finding those most vulnerable and overlooked by other efforts.Photo: A labourer beaten for buying food during curfew

We have capable people in place: government-endorsed journalists with exclusive access to all communities despite curfew restrictions. They are partnering with local police to deliver the food relief to the vulnerable in a safe, fair and organised manner.”

“Where can people like me go? I just want to feed my children.”


“Although you may, like us, be in ‘self-isolation,’ we can together make a tremendous difference for some of Pakistan’s poorest caught up in the coronavirus pandemic. Please join us. Let’s spread some hope together! Thanks!”
– Saira and Stephen


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Legal bit: Things change rapidly in Pakistan and the details of the relief project described above are the best plan we currently have to help people. The detailed implementation may vary if we find more effective ways to achieve the aims of relieving immediate poverty. If funds given exceed the scope of this particular project, any excess funds would be used to fund other aspects of the ongoing work in Pakistan. I am happy to keep you updated regarding this appeal should you require further details upon request.